DONNERSTAG (Auffahrt), 30. Mai 2019

14 bis 16 Uhr


Bruno’s lesson is based on Release Technique and Floor Work. He teaches how to use the floor as a base to play with the body weight and gravity. The exercises are about building strength and getting into a vocabulary to be able to do more acrobatic moves with lightness and safety. 

Bruno Catalano is teaching in several academies in Europe like Sead (Salzburg), TIP (Freiburg), Lem (Buenos Aires), Ials (Rome). As a dancer he worked for many choreographers and projects. Bruno is graduated at the Dance Academy-E.D.D.C. in Arnhem (NLD). 

Since 2007 Bruno is, together with Simone Blaser, the co-director of the company PiccoliProduction.