13.30 bis 15.30 Uhr

Maja Zimmerlin / Lito Anastasopoulou

In this workshops «attack the release – partnering through manipulation» you experience constantly two qualities: the one of release without collapsing and the one of physical strength. Further focus: To dance your imagination, to trigger and awake the physical and mental capacities, to integrate outer space into your personal internal space.

Lito Anastasopoulou and Maja Zimmerlin graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp with studies in Contemporary Dance.

Lito lives in Brussels having as main focus the performance as well as sharing her passion in dance by giving contemporary dance workshops for adults as well as for kids.

Maja Zimmerlin founded the company Triodo with which she performed around Europe. Further she performs improvisation pieces with different music ensembles. She worked with different choreographers as Marisa Godoy, Daniell‘ Ficola, Sarah Keusch, Companies in Belgium like Unités/Nomade or Eau-delà Danse. She teaches workshops and trainings in contemporary dance in Switzerland, Belgium and Greece.