Freitag/Samstag, 27.+28. Dezember 2019

14.30-16.00 Uhr – A/M


The class is floor work technique based. We will consider the floor as a continuation of our body and with this idea we will experience principles of “letting go”, “collapsing”,  “recovering” “suspension” and “catching the curve”. Excercices in the center are aimed to strengthen the core by involving as less muscular energy as possible, catching the momentum and using the gravity as craft to move faster. The class focuses on deepening one’s own understanding of movement and in-depth orientation skills on the floor. The relation with the floor changes during the class touching the floor with less body’s surface in order to reach a more efficient use of the gravity. We will expand our awarness of the body and space by playing with those principles in choreography.


Valerio was born in Italy and lives in Munich. His education is in Contemporary Dance. He worked with teachers like David Zambrano, Olga Cobos, David Russo, Annamarie Keskien. Since 2015 he was with different productions on stage. In Zurich he danced in «Way Out» by Nunzio Inpelizzeri