Montag bis Mittwoch, 12.-16. August 2019

17.00-18.30 Uhr / at least one-two years of training

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Oliver Steele

Class begins calm. Initially a series of soft repetitive movements allow the dancers to gently warm up as they find the connection to the ground and a sense of how their body responds to the surrounding space and other influences. These motions consider natural physical placement and never compromise the safety of the body. Mr. Steele’s choreographic phrases range from intense and expressive to athletic or fluid and musical while their composition will always surprise in every aspect imaginable.

Oliver Steele is Romanian by birth and a citizen of Germany. He moved to New York in 1992 to continue his training and joined Extended Dance Company (Val Suarez – Artistic Director) later that year. Since then he has performed with David Storey Dance Works, Scott Rink and Friends and as a soloist for The Kevin Wynn Collection. Mr. Steele has also worked with choreographers: Milton Myers, Andrew Asnes, Michael Foley, Ray Tadio, Charles Wright, Daniel Tinazzi, Richard Pierlon, John Evans, Nadia Tarr, Fabrice Herault, Mina Yo and Jessica Iwanson.

In 1995, Mr. Steele co-founded STEELEDANCE with his wife, Teri Lee Steele. Together they have self produced, co- choreographed, directed and performed several full length concerts in New York City.

Oliver teach in Steps N.Y.C. Internationally he has taught at the Iwanson Dance Center (Munich), Matsuyama University (Matsuyama/Japan), Dance Camp Companie Champagne (Italy) and Ketsevhagoof Studio (Israel). He has also taught workshops, master classes and lecture demonstrations at The Juilliard School, Rutgers University, Hunter College, The University of Utah at Salt Lake City, The University of California at Santa Barbara and North Carolina School of the Arts.