Montag bis Freitag, 18. – 22. Juli 2022

17.30-19.00 Uhr – A/M


Mike Loewenrosen is Contemporary Jazz Dance teacher and he gives his classes for dancers in many schools and companies in Europe and America.

He is recognized as a requested teachers in the world for his style, his passion, his energy and his generously transmitting the emotions and technique of dance. He shares his dance continuously in every continent of the world with a widely revered and respected reputation.

He is present in numerous prestigious juries for dance competitions in Europe and North-America such as Wien Wettbewerb, Vienna International Ballet Experience, Ballet beyond borders, Ballet Grand Prix Vienna.

He taught for many years in the “Conservatory Sunrise Studios“ Vienna. He is also the Founder of this Conservatory for Performing Arts.

As a young boy he started out as a Street Dancer (Break Dance). Then he studied Dance as well as Acting in New York (Steps, Broadway Dance Center, Martha Graham School, Peri Dance, Lee Strasberg Institute, Herbert Berghof Studios). His former studies brought him to Santo Domingo and Amsterdam. He completed his education at the Joffrey Ballet School in New York and danced in various Dance-Companies in the US and Europe. (Westchester Ballet Company, Elinor Coleman Dance Company, Diamond Dance Company, Barkati Dance Company, Rick Guilani Dance Company, Nisoli Tanzkompanie)

He also appeared on TV-Shows in Austria, Germany and Australia.

As a Choreographer he worked in Theaters as Offtheater Wien, Theater Akzent, das MuTh, Wilma Theatre, Rabenhof.

He produced 15 Plays, published 11 Books and 5 Ballet Libretti. One of his plays (Gods Custom Office) won a Nordrhein-Westfalen Theater Price as well as one of his books (Pascal & Maxime) got a scholarship from the City of Vienna.

In 2017 his piece „wounded“ won the Silver Medal at Vibe USA (Contemporary Duets. In 2022 his piece „l´amour dans l`amour“ won the 3 price at Bari Ballet Competition in Italy (Contemporary).

Ask for charity, Mike worked and works together with World Vision, Dancer against Caner, United Nations and Teleton Paraquay.




  • Mike Loewenrosen has turned dance into a unique work of passion & beauty. One of his strongest talents is finding the abilities within in others. For Mike, Art comes from a fear free space.
  • Mikes Class is going to be an incredible personal experience for the dancers and will challenging them to grow and evolve in an incredible and personal creative way. Is it going to be easy? Think again.