Montag bis Mittwoch, 15. bis 17. JULI 2024

12.15 – 13.45 Uhr

Level M


Relationships in Motion – Partnering


Working with sticks allows an immediate connection with the partner and at the same time allows me to develop a strong awareness of the surrounding space and the space between me and the person I move with.

Changing the distance between the two bodies connected with the stick gives the possibility of sharing moments of complicity and intimacy, becoming increasingly aware that the distance and space between two or more bodies can be manipulated to create an intention, an emotional state and multiple narrative cues.

The stick allows you to move in a playful way: it is in fact an essentially improvisational work in the sense that there are no predefined shapes to learn and therefore a lot of space is left for everyone’s personality and creativity.

With and without stick, the partners cause and follow each other’s movements by manipulating each other. By playing with these actions and putting them together we will be able to create “movement conversations” in close contact.



Bruno Catalano is the artistic director of the Zurich-based company PiccoliProduction (

He graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem (The Netherlands) in 2003.

For many years he has been teaching in several prestigious academies and dance institutions in Switzerland: teacher member of Grundausbildung ZTTS and HF Bühnentanz at the Tanzwerk101 in Zürich  – regular guest teacher at the Tanzhaus Zürich. In the world, among others: Espacio LEM (Buenos Aires-Argentina), Ecole des Sables (Senegal-Africa), ArtEZ (Amsterdam-The Netherlands), SEAD (Salzburg-Austria), Iwanson (Munich-Germany), Danscentrumjette (Brussels-Belgium), Iceland University of the Arts Reykjavik.